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Why we are dependable

  • Building long term relationships with its customers and suppliers.
  • Supplying products which consistently meet high quality standards.
  • Providing reliable service.
  • Conducting business according to fair trading practices,

About us

Germantech has been active in spare parts business for commercial vehicles, construction and mining equipments in Ethiopia for more than a decade.

Our clients are fleet operators, city bus service, construction companies, retailers and private owners.

We are specialized in spare parts such as engine parts, gear box parts, pumps, bearings, filter parts, steering parts, clutch parts, spring leaf, propeller shaft components, oil seals, turbo chargers, electrical brake drums, wheel disk, bolts, suspension parts, brake components etc.


Value and Quality

Commercial vehicle owners and operators who knowingly or unwittingly use counterfeit parts are running illegitimate risks such as impairing vehicle performance, compromising reliability, reducing safety and lessening the life of vehicle systems, components and parts. Counterfeit products increase repair expenses, inflate operating costs and damage business reputations, among other negative consequences. Low cost, poor quality materials often combine with unreliable assembly or inferior fittings to create counterfeit products that put lives at risk: drivers, passengers, fellow motorists and the general public.

Why take the risk?

Would you choose quality original parts that maximize safety or low-performance high-risk copies? Why put lives in danger? Why jeopardize your business? Always fit original parts that assures quality and vehicle safety.

A dangerous choice

A vehicle is only as safe as its components. Choose poor quality parts which fail or disintegrate on the road and the results could be devastating-for the vehicle driver, other road users and pedestrians.

We want to alert you to the dangers of buying inferior copies. Cheap copies are accidents waiting to happen.

Beware of limitations

Test results show that copies:

  • Wear out far sooner than originals
  • Are made in low-grade materials with inferior processing and inadequate quality control
  • Can fail any time on the road, endangering lives.
False economy

Buying copies of parts is false economy. Poor quality parts mean more frequent servicing and higher maintenance costs.
Cheap copies put your business at risk. Defective parts mean more breakdowns. Your service to customers suffers.

Cheap copies may look like the original parts. On the road, differences in quality and safety become evident, as copies wear out, fail or disintegrate with dangerous consequences.

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Germantech has been active in spare parts

more than 10 years experience